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The Chevrolet Spark Ignites Speakers and Turns Heads With its Flashy Color Choices


The 2013 Chevrolet Spark may be mini but it packs a big punch! As the City of Charlotte expands, gas efficient and technologically advanced vehicles are more in demand than ever! Steve Moore Chevrolet is answering this consumer demand by offering the colorful and fully equipped 2013 Chevrolet Spark.

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark gets an impressive 32-mpg in the city and 38-mpg highway and holds MyLink navigation in the dashboard. MyLink is a 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen that acts as each drivers command deck and lets drivers link their Spark with their smartphone.

Drivers can make calls, get directions to a concert in NoDa or to a Carolina Panthers football game, and even get their favorite tunes pumped from their smartphone to your 2013 Chevrolet Spark's speakers with ease. The Spark is also equipped with OnStar for emergency and concierge services.

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark offers one of the brightest and coolest color palates offered in today’s automotive market. Women in the Queen City could ride in style in a Techno Pink Spark!

Some other great hues include a Jalapeño Green, a Denim Blue, and even a Lemonade Yellow! The Chevrolet has so much to offer. Charlotte needs some color splashes. What color do you think would go best with the Queen City? Too bad there isn’t a Carolina Panther blue!

For more information about customizing your own 2013 Chevrolet Spark or to find out more features about this great miniature vehicle visit .

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark LT is available for you to take a test drive, and then take home, at Steve Moore Chevrolet. Stop by our dealership at 9325 South Boulevard to hop into this fun cruiser today!

Hot Wheels Edition of the Chevrolet Camaro


Steve Moore Chevrolet heard a rumor that really got people wondering if there was truth to the gossip.

Chevrolet revealed that a Hot Wheels Edition of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro is going to be released later this year. Steve Moore Chevrolet would consider this a treat for men and little boys alike!

Hot Wheels started in 1968 with a 16-car line up, referred to by collectors as the “Sweet Sixteen,â€Â which includes the Custom Camaro.

2013 marks the 45th anniversary for Hot Wheels.

Although the Camaro has been a ˜Hot Wheels™ option for car loving kids around the United States since the sixties, the Hot Wheels Edition of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro is the first time a full-size production Hot Wheels car has been for sale by any manufacturer.

The Kinetic Blue Hot Wheels Edition Camaro with black 21-inch wheels with red accents, black leather trim with red and black seat stitching, Hot Wheels logo in the seats, and each door has a Hot Wheels decal/ The Hot Wheels Edition Camaro will only be sold during the first quarter of 2013 and will be available in coupe and convertible models.

The Hot Wheels special edition option package will cost $6,995.

According to the NY Times, “Harry Dean Bradley is credited with designing the first 16 Hot Wheels, which were released in 1968. The most distinctive Hot Wheels car he did was the Deora. In 2003, for Hot Wheels’ 35th anniversary, Mattel ordered up a full-sized Deora II. It was built with the help of customizer Chip Foose and the custom builder Five Axis. It was powered by a Cadillac Northstar V8 engine.

To check out all of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaros that Steve Moore Chevrolet has to offer, click HERE!

YMCA and Steve Moore Chevrolet: BIG! Referral Contest


Chevrolet of Charlotte Steve Moore Chevrolet of Charlotte, NC and local Charlotte YMCA branches teamed up for the BIG! Referral Contest. Each Charlotte YMCA member that referred friends to join a Charlotte area YMCA in the month of September received a free month of membership and the YMCA member and their referred friends were entered in drawings for BIG prizes! The BIGGEST prize was a 2013 Malibu LS from Steve Moore Chevrolet of Charlotte.

When Cammy Wickware referred her friends to join a Charlotte YMCA in September, she didn't imagine that weeks later she would be the winner of a brand new 2013 Malibu LS.

Chevrolet of Charlotte Cammy is a student and a single mother that was without her own vehicle before she won this great car from Steve Moore Chevrolet. We all know how difficult it is to commute in Charlotte, NC without a personal vehicle. We are so happy that Cammy now has a reliable mode of transportation around the Queen City.

The 2013 Malibu LS is one of the most affordable midsize sedans, according to US News Best Cars. The advanced technology and elegant style blend perfectly and bring a fuel-efficient drive and 197-horsepower from a four-cylinder engine. The Malibu has 10 standard airbags and an infotainment system that integrates Bluetooth phone and audio, satellite radio and Internet audio apps, like Pandora.

The other contest prizes included gift cards to Charlotte area YMCAs, Harris Teeter, Belk, and Dick's Sporting Goods, in addition to annual passes to U.S. National Whitewater Center and Carowinds.

The YMCA's mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. For more about the YMCA, please visit:

2012 Patriotism Bowl: A Celebration of Service


Steve Moore Chevrolet loves supporting and sponsoring community events in Charlotte and wants to remind everyone to mark their calendars for the 2012 Patriotism Bowl: A Celebration of Service presented by the 52nd Cook Cup

2012 Patriotism Bowl

The 52nd Cook Cup 2012 Patriotism Bowl varsity football game will be between Charlotte Country Day and Charlotte Catholic and is on Friday, August 31st, at Charlotte Catholic.

This year's Cook Cup game will be the host for the inaugural Patriotism Bowl: A Celebration of Service and also the first North Carolina high school football game that involves a pregame parachute jump team delivering the game ball and flag, in addition to a Navy flyover.

Tickets are only $7 a piece and Steve Moore Chevrolet is expecting a record turnout for this year's event so most likely tickets will be sold out ahead of time so you better purchase them soon! 

For a full schedule of when you can purchase your tickets visit this LINK!

Cook Cup

The Patriotism Bowl is held annually at different high school football games throughout the region. The mission of the event is to raise awareness and money for patriotic non-profits, as well as recognize patriotism in our schools, community, and state. If you would like to sponsor the event please take a look at this Sponsor Form.

Chevrolet Makes the Best Sales in Brand History


General Motors reported that Chevrolet sales last quarter were the best in the brand's history and Steve Moore Chevrolet of Charlotte is happy to spread the word to you!

Chevrolet sold nearly 1.3 million vehicles worldwide in the second quarter of 2012, a 2.3 percent increase over the second quarter of 2011.

Seven consecutive quarters of record sales is solid proof that Chevrolet is delivering the high quality products, easy-to-use technologies and expressive designs that people around the world are demanding,” said Chevrolet vice president of global marketing, Chris Perry.

Four of GM’s top five marks posted sales gains with the United States accounting for about 40 percent of Chevy’s total sales last quarter. Sales were up to 513,538 vehicles in the quarter, a 5.2 percent increase from the same the second quarter of 2011.

2012 Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze continues to be the best-selling Chevrolet nameplate around the world with more than 350,000 sold so far this year and more than 1.65 million sold since the car was launched. GM recalled the Cruze last month although no crashes, injuries or fatalities were reported. Steve Moore Chevrolet and General Motors’ top priority is to ensure that drivers are safe behind the wheel.

The Chevy Cruze is a leader in the compact sedans class and has the best fuel economy with an EPA-rated 26/38 mpg City/Highway. The 2012 Cruze is front-wheel drive and is offered in both the manual and automatic are 6-speed- transmissions. The automatic offers features that help conserve fuel.

The Cruze is a fuel-efficient economy sedan with style. Steve Moore Chevrolet anticipates Chevy Cruze sales in Charlotte and nationwide will continue to surprise for the rest of the year. Schedule your 2012 Chevy Cruze test-drive at Charlotte’s Steve Moore Chevrolet today!

Chevrolet is Polishing Little League Home Plates Across the Nation


As the Official Vehicle of the Major League Baseball since 2005, Chevrolet has kept an active role in keeping America?s past time alive throughout every generation, but especially the youth.

This summer Chevrolet and Baseball are teaming up again, with the help of Scott?s Lawn Care, to renovate and restore 12 youth baseball fields across the nation through the Diamonds & Dreams program.

Steve Moore Chevrolet supports Chevy Youth Baseball and the Diamonds & Dreams initiative and wants every Charlotte community member to enter to win. Winners?not only get to reward their communities with freshly laid baseball fields, but are also?receive a $1,000 gift card plus the?chance to win a new 2013 Malibu Eco2.

The Diamonds & Dreams program has awarded field makeovers to little leagues from coast to coast. This summer, Steve Moore Chevrolet would love to see some Charlotte youth baseball teams wishes come true by restoring their fields back to their original condition, if not better.

To enter your community?s youth baseball team in the Diamonds & Dreams program, visit the Steve Moore Chevrolet Facebook page

Siri Helps Keep your Eyes On the Road


For the majority of the last decade, Steve Jobs has completely transformed the capabilities of cell phones by unveiling of the iPhone. Since 2007, the initial iPhone model has undergone several revisions and has transformed to the iPhone4S.

The iPhone has made organization and communication easier through facetime, social networking, and acts as a portable media player. And for the first time, the iPhone4s features a natural language voice control system called Siri.

Chevrolet is Pairing with Siri

Siri can answer questions, send text messages, make calls, and even set reminders. And starting next year, Steve Moore is excited bring this news that Siri will be at your service in GM vehicles. General Motors, one of 9 automakers, is working with Apple Inc. to add a Siri button on the dashboard or steering wheel in models as early as next year to provide drivers with turn-by-turn navigation, provide real time traffic updates, and ultimately give drivers an "eyes free" driving experience by simply talking to Siri.

Chevrolet is Pairing with Siri

Steve Moore assures drivers that the hands and eyes free driving experience is easy. Drivers just connect their iPhone 4s to their car and connect to the GM application and viola! You can make calls, play music, hear and dictate texts, get directions, or hear calendar plans, all through your personal assistant, Siri.

Steve Moore Chevrolet offers a safe driving experience

General Motors uses extensive testing to ensure the quality and safety of Steve Moore Chevrolet vehicles, but the height of safety is lessened by texting and driving. Siri deals with your phone while you focus on driving, solving the overwhelming driving distraction.

The iPhone 4s sold over 4 million phones in the first week alone, and all of us at Steve Moore Chevrolet are positive that by adding Siri to new models, will be beneficial to iPhone 4s owners and other drivers by decreasing texting and driver accidents significantly.

2013 Chevy Volt Gains More Perks from Battery Improvements


General Motors has made minor changes to the 2013 Chevy EV (Electric Vehicle) Volt that are creating fundamental opportunities for drivers on the West Coast and even at the White House. Steve Moore Chevrolet is bringing you the exclusive details about Chevy?s latest eco-friendly and polished vehicle of 2013.

GM increased the battery storage capacity and changed the cell chemistry resulting in an additional 3 miles added to a single charge, making the all electric range of the 2013 Chevy Volt 38 miles.

Have you ever visited Charlotte with your family to explore Discovery Place or wanted to participate in one of the many festivals that take over the uptown area and never have anywhere to park your fuming gas-guzzler? That wouldn?t be a problem if all you needed a charging station.

Through the Power2Charlotte initiative, the city of Charlotte will have a total of 26 EV charging stations at 7 different locations in the city by the end of next month. In addition to the construction of charging stations, The City of Charlotte purchased EVs, one of which is a Chevrolet Volt.

Chevrolet Volt Chief Engineer said that the starting price of the 2013 Chevy Volt is the same price as the 2012 standard model. According to the official Chevrolet website, the 2012 Volt starts at $31,645, before the $7,500 tax credit for being an Electric Vehicle is subtracted.

For you North Carolinians who aren?t familiar with the tax credit opportunity, electric vehicles purchased in or after 2010 are eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 for helping the environment stay clean.

But to make this eco-friendly reward even better, according to a fact sheet sent to the Washington Examiner in March, Obama proposed to increase the tax credit for electric vehicles to $1,000. More importantly, Obama will propose that the tax credit be immediately available as soon as the car is purchased.

This may be enough to convince some Chevy enthusiasts to switch to an EV, but for those Charlotte and Concord area citizens who are still on the fence, there is more! Since the recent changes on the Volt, it now qualifies to ride in the HOV lanes in the state of California, even with only one person in the car. Because of this change, California has seen a dramatic increase in Chevy Volt sales. North Carolina is making big strides to stay eco-friendly as well, which is why Steve Moore Chevrolet is expecting the 2013 Volt a major success in the Charlotte and Concord area.

So to sum it up, if you purchase a 2013 Volt you get 3 more miles per charge at the same price as the 2012 model but with a bigger tax credit, thanks to Obama?s proposal to raise the tax credit for Electric Vehicles, and you have the privilege of riding in the HOV lanes when you take your 2013 Volt on a road trip to California, even if you are the only person in your EV. There is no other competition. Come to Steve Moore Chevrolet and talk to our employees about how you can get your hands on your very own 2013 Chevrolet Volt.

Expect Moore from the Steve Moore Chevrolet Blog


Every Steve Moore Chevrolet employee shares a common goal: to deliver an extraordinary experience and the highest level of service. Our vision is to fulfill the automotive needs of you and your family for years to come.

Welcome to our blog! Steve Moore Chevrolet is your best source for sales and services of all new and pre-owned Chevy vehicles in Charlotte, NC. Our dedicated staff is here to serve you. To further this promise, we wanted to bring our customers this blog to keep you up to date on all things related to enjoying you Chevrolet.

Be assured, at Steve Moore Chevrolet your experience will exceed all expectations in the thrill of purchasing a Chevrolet. Our dedicated employees will make certain that all of your vehicle needs are met during and after the sale.

This blog will feature news with an abundance of useful topics. Whether we are bringing you news about awards and accolades, maintenance tips, industry news, tech specs, or just an inspiring story, we hope that you find the blog useful to enjoying your Chevrolet to the fullest!

Please stay tuned and check back regularly. We have news for you!

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